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Foot massage
Foot massage is beneficial for the whole organism. On the plantar surface of the foot there are thousands of nerve endings reflexively affecting the general condition of a person. Hence the origin of reflexology. Certain areas on the surface of the foot, called reflexogenic or reflex zones, have nerve endings that connect them to various organs and systems. There are about 72 thousand such nerve endings. It should be said that not only on the foot, but also on other areas of the human skin there are similar points - the projection of internal organs. However, only on the soles of the feet these areas are located so close to each other.

After the foot massage, the efficiency of all internal organs and systems increases, the swelling of the legs quickly disappears, immediately unusual lightness appears, not only in the legs, but in the entire body at once, the overall well-being improves and a healthy sleep appears.

Massage of the feet also gives an aesthetic effect, with its regular application reduces swelling of the lower extremities, there is a feeling of lightness in the legs. Stimulation of these points has a tonic effect on eyesight, hearing, nasal sinuses, bones, joints, etc.

The tonic effect of massage is especially useful for people leading a sedentary lifestyle.

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