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Cryotherapy is physiotherapeutic procedure, the therapeutic effect of which is based on the body's response to the supercooling of the outer (receptor) layer of the skin to a temperature of -2 ° C. Such subterminal supercooling does not lead to tissue damage, but it has powerful irritant effect on the central nervous system, which causes number of positive changes in the immune, endocrine, circulatory and other body systems.

Critotherapy is used in such areas as: disease prevention, general health improvement, sports medicine and rehabilitation after trauma, cosmetology, prolongation of life and rejuvenation. Indications;

• Increasing general tone of the body, improving the condition and color of the skin
• Depressive conditions and stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.;

• cellulite;
• Great "sobering" effect - withdrawal of symptoms;
• allergic conditions (bronchial asthma, pollinosis, contact dermita, etc.);
• recovery from injuries;
• Achievement and support of the highest athletic form of athletes;
• preparation and recovery after major nervous and physical stress;
• lowering of the general resistance of the organism;
• prevention of acute respiratory diseases;
• prevention of cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary diseases;
• prevention of peripheral vascular diseases. • treatment of arthrosis-arthritis, radiculitis;
• rheumatoid polyarthritis with predominant joint damage in active (III st.) And inactive phase;
• ankylosing spondylitis (Bekhterev's disease);
• Skin diseases (eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis).

Contraindications to general aerocryotherapy (ACT):
• general severe condition of the patient;
• decompensation of chronic cardiovascular diseases;
• acute myocardial infarction and the period of rehabilitation after a heart attack;
• cerebral strokes;
• essential hypertension II st. (BP> 180/100 mm Hg); • Heart failure II st .;
• Prognostically unfavorable disturbances of cardiac rhythm and conduction;
• fever;
• active pulmonary tuberculosis;
• malignant tumors;
• hemorrhagic diathesis;
• hysterical neurosis;
• Individual intolerance to cold.
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