Санаторий Казахстан
Swimming is characterized by moderate physical exertion, suitable for people of any age and abilities. During swimming, the muscles of abdomen, shoulder girdle, hips, and buttocks are trained. There is no excessive strain on any particular muscle group. Therefore, swimming is restorative exercise. This kind of sport trains cardiovascular system, optimizes heart rate and blood circulation, lowers arterial pressure. Also, swimming exclusively effectively strengthens muscle strength.

To visit the pool you must have: sports rubber cap (a smooth, tight-fitting head); sports indoor swimsuit (without open parts, it is strictly forbidden to use underwear); non-slip shale, loofah and soap. Water content: Thermal, mineral. Flint - sodium, acid-alkaline, slightly mineralized water. Entering the pool from the source located on the territory of sanatorium at depth of more than 2000m. The outlet temperature is 55 degrees. Dimensions of the pool: 25m to 12.5m. 5 swimming tracks, depth from 90cm to 220cm water temperature 28 degrees.

Method of water treatment in the pool: modern water treatment system. The water purification system is implemented by five filters operating around the clock. Plus daily update of 20% of the amount of mineral water. As disinfectant, we use Duval products. Programs have been developed on aqua aerobics, swimming training, sports swimming, exercise in water, and special classes for expectant mothers.
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