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Mineral bath is an important type of treatment
Mineral water contains large number of valuable mineral compounds necessary for human body's normal functioning. Mineral bath activates protective, regenerative and excretory processes in tissues, purify and tonify body. The mechanical action of mineral water on the body is the pressure of the volume of the bath water on skin receptors. The mechanical factor affects local blood flow in the organs and tissues and general circulation of blood, changes distribution of blood in the body, stimulates work of the heart and lymph circulation. Applying pressure to thoracic and abdominal cavities, bath strengthen and deepen respiratory movements. The temperature (thermal) factor has beneficial effect on many processes in the body, and also enhances and deepens therapeutic effect of chemical factor, the most important when using mineral baths. Mineral bath is indicated for diseases of musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, skin, female and male diseases, upper respiratory tract and ENT pathology and gastrointestinal tract.

Whirlpool baths
During this procedure, the patient's legs are knee-deep in a special bath with holes on the walls. Water jets emerge from these holes, causing water to bubble in the bathroom. The water temperature is 35-38 degrees. Different herbs can be added to the water. Vortex baths maximally restore the muscular system and joints of the lower limbs, promote blood circulation, stimulate microcirculatory processes in the skin, improve venous outflow of blood, exert an analgesic effect, increase the functional activity of the joints
Indications: The whirlpool bath for the feet is also suitable for patients of mature age who, due to heart disease and for health reasons, do not share common baths. Also, this procedure is well suited for the so-called freezing leg syndrome, in restorative treatment after injuries (fractures, tendon ruptures), if the injury was in the knee, shin, foot, and also in the case of joint diseases.
Improves blood circulation of limbs and metabolism. Bath with herbs have anti-inflammatory, wound-healing effect, strengthens tissue respiration, promotes the process of cleansing the body of toxins, influences the central nervous system, which improves mood, sleep normalizes, cheerfulness appears, has a positive effect on the work of internal organs, increases immunity. Vortex baths are used, mainly, locally (hand and foot). With the help of a special pump in the bath, a massage effect is achieved.
A pleasant feeling of massage leads to an improvement in blood flow in the vessels of the limbs, facilitating the delivery of oxygen and nutrients through the dilated vessels of the limbs, as well as improving skin nutrition, which prevents the formation of trophic ulcers. The whirlpool bath perfectly helps with angiopathy of the lower extremities, with diseases of the pelvic organs, reduces the pain syndrome in the ankle, knee and hip joints, relieves fatigue.
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